Scar Beneath My Sleeve

I made this short film about a tragedy that happened in my neighborhood. 



Appearing Feb 18 @ the 92nd Street Y, NYC!

... alongside the lovely Tahereh Mafi, Veronica Rossi, Sophie Jordan, and Kiersten White. The event starts at 8:15pm, and it's ticketed, so you'll have to go online here to purchase a ticket (which gets you a tote bag filled with the authors' books). We'll talk, do a Q&A, and sign books! 


Announcing the HOLLOW CITY tour!

HOLLOW CITY hits bookstores January 14th, and I hit the road the same day. I'll be reading and signing in thirteen cities, and I'd love to meet you! 

One stop is missing from the image above: ANDERSON'S BOOKSHOP in Naperville, Ill, on Jan 19th at 2pm. 


Land of Sleep

Home for the holidays recently, I was inspired to create this short film about the strange, somnambulent town I grew up in, and how my feelings about it have changed over the years. 


Hollow City teaser

Here's the first of three teasers for HOLLOW CITY, which hits shelves 1/14! 


Miss Peregrine: the Graphic Novel 

Yen Press and the wonderfully talented Cassandra Jean have been toiling away for nearly a year on a graphic novel adaptation of Miss Peregrine, and it's finally on shelves (and online in all the usual spots)! It's beautiful and glossy and colorful and exciting, and it brilliantly incorporates the photographs from Miss P along with thousands of dynamic illustrations. It's a book all it's own -- bound in hardcover with a gorgeous dust jacket and nearly 200 pages in length. 


That is all. 


Write me a letter!

People often ask where they can write to me, and up to now I've had to refer them to my publisher, who forwards letters and things to me every so often. (I don't like giving out my home address, for obvious reasons.) But I finally got off my lazy tuckus and got myself a shiny new PO box, so now you can write to me much more easily, at:

2633 Lincoln Blvd., Loop 253

Santa Monica, CA 90405

I get a fair amount of mail, so it's tough for me to write back to everyone. But I will try, and I love getting letters from people. 


Miss Peregrine Paperback Tour! 

It's been ALMOST A YEAR since I've posted anything here -- I live mostly on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr -- but I'm stopping back in to announce that Miss Peregrine is coming out in paperback in early June, and I'm going on tour! 

I've seen the paperback and it's a gorgeous thing to behold. It also has a long Q&A with me in the back, creepy bonus photos, and a big chunk of the first chapter of Miss Peregrine book II as a teaser! (Miss Peregrine II comes out January 2014, BTW.) 

So, tour! I'll be joined by the wonderful and talented Tahereh Mafi on a all stops, and a number of other author friends here and there along the way, TBA! Here's the schedule:

Sunday, June 2 - NEW YORK CITY -- 4pm at Books of Wonder, 18 W 18th St.

Tuesday, June 4 - PHILIADELPHIA -- 7pm at the Fairless Hills Barnes and Noble, 210 Commerce Blvd, Fairless Hills, PA

Wednesday, June 5 - WASHINGTON, DC -- 7pm at the Loudoun County Public Library, 24600 Millstream Drive, Stone Ridge, VA 20105

Saturday, June 8 - SARASOTA, FL -- 11am at Bookstore1, 1359 Main St.

Sunday, June 9 - MIAMI, FL -- 2pm at Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL

Monday, June 10 - PETALUMA, CA -- 7pm at Copperfield's Books, 140 Kentucky St

Tuesday, June 11 - BERKELEY, CA -- 7pm at Books, Inc., 1760 Fourth St.

Thursday, June 13 - SANTA MONICA, CA -- 7pm at Santa Monica Public Library, 601 Santa Monica Blvd

Friday, June 14 - SEATTLE, WA -- 7pm at University Books, 15311 Main Street, Mill Creek, WA

Saturday, June 15 - PORTLAND, OR -- Powell's City of Books, 1005 Burnside 

Can't wait to meet you, sign books, and maybe even read some non-spoilery teaser bits from Miss P II aloud! 



What a year, and some updates.

I'm a bit flabbergasted, really, at the continuing popularity of that quirky little novel-illustrated-with-photos I wrote awhile back, which debuted on the New York Times bestseller list last June and has remained there, somewhat stubbornly, for 56 weeks now. This bestseller-ness is something of an abstract concept (what does that mean? how many books? etc), but to put things in context Quirk Books crunched some numbers and used the results to create a nice infographic, which among other factoids points out that if you stacked up all the copies Miss P has sold to-date, they would be taller than Mount Everest:

In other words, I should feel very lucky, and I do. It's been a year of meeting engaged readers and passionate booksellers and librarians and being pleasantly weirded out by the fact that strangers seem to be at least dimly aware of who I am (this happens at book conferences and the like, not at, you know, the mall), and being made to feel welcome in this little corner of the book universe we call YA by a cadre of brilliant and charming and disarmingly unpretentious writers, several of whom I am grateful now to call friends. Even without an Everest-surpassing stack of sold books, all of that would've made for a very excellent year.

Hey, how about a little Q&A?

Q: When's the next Miss Peregrine book?

I'm working on it now! But second books are hard, especially if you want them not to suck, which I do. It'll be coming out in 2013 though exactly when in 2013 I'm not sure yet.

Q: What do I do till then?

You can pre-order Talking Pictures, my purdy coffee table book of captioned found photographs which comes out October 16th. Think of it this way: if Miss Peregrine was a story I made up about photographs I found, then Talking Pictures is photos that already have stories attached to them, written by anonymous hands years ago. (If you haven't seen the video where I explain what the heck a "talking picture" is, watch it here.) And oh, oh! There's a new cover for the book, which I'm really fond of:

Q: Are you doing any signings or events in my town?

I'll be at Comic-Con on Friday, July 13, for a signing at Quirk Books' booth, #1636, at 2pm. And I'll be giving away photos from my vintage photo collection! I don't have any signings scheduled after that, but things are always cropping up at the last minute, so I'll be sure and trumpet it from the treetops if something gets set up.

Q: Are you going to make any more videos?

Yes! I'm just not sure when. They take me forever, and book-writing also takes forever, and because I get paid to write books but not to make videos, book-writing tends to win. But I really miss making videos, and if I don't get back to it soon I'll be super pissed at myself. So: yes!

Thanks again for an amazing year. I can't wait to see what the next one brings.



34 weeks is a lot of weeks

So I've been off in writing-Miss-Peregrine-Book-Two land and haven't been posting much on the ol' bloggy-blog, but that's going to change, I sort-of promise! I felt like I had to pop my head out of my cave to at least acknowledge the ongoing unlikeliness and insanity of Miss Peregrine still, eight months and counting after its publication, occupying a rather prominant spot on the bestseller list. Which is in itself nothing short of amazing. But still more amazing is that I managed to hang on long enough to be list-neighbors with my dear old friend John Green, whose astoundingly good novel The Fault in Our Stars has held the #1 spot the last few weeks (which it richly deserves). It is, as John himself pointed out, a weird and magical thing. (It would be slightly more magical, I suppose, if Rick Riordan and I could switch places for a week, but still.)

A lot of other amazing things have happened in the last 34 weeks, as well, not least of which is that the Miss Peregrine movie went from being a twinkle in Fox's eye to being a project with Tim Burton attached as director and Jane Goldman, who wrote X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass and The Woman in Black, adapting the screenplay. (And by the way, a lot of people ask me if I am bothered by other people writing/directing the adaptation of my book, since I make movies and write scripts too. When it's Tim Burton and Jane Goldman who are doing the writing and directing, the answer is easy: Not. In. The. Slightest.)

Also, does this Woman in Black poster remind you of anything? Ahem! Just sayin'.